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Founder - Bishop Anthony Theodore Lobo

Bishop Anthony Lobo (Founder of St. Michael’s Convent School)  1937-2013 An Educationist, Writer, recipient of President’s Pride of Performance award for literature in 1994-95, ex member of the education board’s governing body who worked for the uplift of education in Karachi, Rawalpindi and other parts of Pakistan.Returned to his heavenly abode on 18th February 2013 May his soul rest in peace


In the pursuit of excellence in education, St. Michaels’s Convent School has covered many milestones over the years and has carved a prestigious niche of its own among other institutions. However, with the increasing expectations and challenges thrown open to educators, we cannot rest on our laurels.   Read More

Deputy Principal

As we step into the 30 th year of Saint Michael’s convent school, I feel very proud we have emerged as a very prestigious institution which stands side by side of schools which are more than 125 years old.   Read More